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More About Us

The Nansledan Community Association (NCA) is for everyone living in Nansledan, and is managed by local residents. The committee meets regularly to review issues on behalf of residents and help promote community activities and interests. We are proud of Nansledan and all it has to offer and believe it’s a great place to live, work and play. 

The Committee

Your representatives

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Suzanne Featherstone


I find myself somewhat unexpectedly in this chair, literally, with some personal health struggles to overcome last year, but I had great encouragement and support from previous Committee members and something in my head which said 2022 should be a fresh start, something I think we are all feeling during the pandemic.

So what does that mean? Those of you who know me well will know that I am a Diversity Ambassador for United Response and that that philosophy is central to my personal ethos, so an inclusive community that strives to bring people together in a sustainable way is key.

There are many changes around the estate itself and that takes some getting used to, but putting the environment and caring for those around us at the core, we won’t go far wrong. After 3 years as Environment Officer, I’ve seen the Estate double in size. That brings many challenges with it. One thing I’ve learnt during the pandemic is to ‘pivot’, adapt to change. That means listening to voices old and new. And of course, there have been massive financial changes to accommodate in all areas of business, meaning new business models are needed, even within the Association itself.

Let’s work together to make it a success.

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Gary Smith


My name is Gary Smith and I have lived in Nansledan since Christmas 2018.

Shortly after moving here I realised just how little there was for young people to do on the estate. As the former leader of the Nansledan Youth Club, I have got to know several of the area’s children and adolescents and know first-hand how hungry they are for more places to enjoy their free time.

We live in a strange era where many adults seem to bemoan the amount of time young people spend indoors staring at screens, only to then complain when they are playing outside. I joined the NCA to make sure someone will be on the committee to speak up for young people and ensure their voice is heard.

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​William Benson


Born West coast of Scotland. Married to Margaret. Servant to our dog Skye. My latest hobby is finding researching and restoring metal royal warrants.


I have 35 years' experience in Retail and Loss Prevention management, finishing my full-time career as a Dental Practice Manager for nine years. Additionally, I served as a Pension Board Trustee member for a national High street company. I decided to join the NCA committee as I wish to put something back into the community I now live in.


Tatiana Cant

Environment Officer

I’ve been the Parish Clerk over in Perranporth for the last 3 years and have worked in local government in the South West for many years having previously worked in various universities and public health. I have a qualification in environmental management and spend my spare time walking, playing with the cat, pottering in the garden and reading up on soil health and regenerative farming practices. 


I’m delighted to be able to support local residents and do my best to improve our local environment. I’m really keen to boost the levels of biodiversity at Nansledan and help make this a great place to live, work and play alongside the wildlife.

Join the committee

We are a small team who all volunteer our time to benefit the community in which we live. We currently have some vacancies on the committee and would love for you to join if you feel you can contribute your skills. 

At present we are looking for the following roles to be filled:

  • Vice Chair

  • Website manager

  • Community support officer

  • Event sub committee members 


If you would like to put yourself forward please click the button below and fill out the contact form, with a few details about yourself, why you think you would be a good fit and the role you would like to take on.