• Charlotte Featherstone

After the storm

Updated: Nov 8

Storm Arwen hit this weekend, although down in the south west it didn’t grace us with the snow that was widespread across many parts of the country, just a lot of wind and hail. The storm surge sent waves crashing over the harbour wall and filled the beaches with foam. But it has moved on now, leaving today calm and a little milder, with a gentle breeze except in the most exposed areas, and sparse showers of light rain. This morning we took the dogs for a run on the beach. By the side of the stream that joins the sea, a huddle of oystercatchers were gathered. As a group they scurried down to the water’s edge as the waves retreated, and hurried back again as the next wave came in. The waves around the beach were slightly choppy, but through a gap in the rocks I could see that further out they were still churning and frothing with foam. The storm had blown a lot of plastic litter onto the beach – we gathered up the debris we could see before it could be taken out on the next high tide.

This afternoon I took another walk down the local farm lanes and managed to catch sight of some more wildlife. I was alerted by a song thrush chirping as it flew over my head and then started foraging for seeds in a patch of scrub. Then, as I passed a field, movement caught my eye as a flock of redwings scattered down to land on the damp soil to look for food. Further along, a formidable looking buzzard landed first in a tree, whose thin branches dipped under its weight, and then on a fence, keeping its sharp eyes on me as I walked away. As I neared the end of my walk a little egret flew overhead, while black-headed gulls (now in their white-headed winter plumage) swooped over the fields scooping up worms.

Song thrush, redwing, buzzard

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